DISC as a Mentalist Tool

A while ago I facilitated a workshop for a small operation team and used DISC as a tool to enhance communication.

During that session, a participant (let’s call her Lisa) asked me how to interpret her profile. I looked at her profile and asked, “Are you new to the company and still struggling how to perform?” Lisa was shocked like I was a mentalist or fortune-teller who had just unfolded a secret. Her co-workers were, of course, full of surprises.

This case went on to exposing the uneasiness of Lisa in adapting to the boss and the company. This led the boss to become aware of Lisa’s frustration that would otherwise be regarded as her incapability.

To this group, this seemed like magic.

There is actually no secret in this. With my over 20 years of using the DISC tool, it is basic instinct to me in spotting special patterns in profiles that could facilitate dialogues and reflections.

Other than outlining the behavioural preferences of a person, DISC can also tell if that person is in some special emotional situations, like frustration and stress.

That’s why I prefer using DISC over other tools. These additional pieces of information can usually help crack team issues and steer discussions that would otherwise be avoided.

There were also times when I questioned if managers were under work-related frustration and uncertainties, and opened up dialogues between managers and their leaders on issues that were untouched, as elephants in the room.

Yes, find a good tool and use it to create magic.


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